USS Menelaus

Prometheus class starship

Asyn Nor

home of the USS Menelaus

StarTrek™ Roleplay at its best 24/7

USS Menelaus

USS Menelaus

Enter here if you like to know more about the USS Menelaus on SecondLife®
Asyn Nor

Asyn Nor

Enter here if you like to know more about Asyn Nor Research station on OS grid®
Experience life as a Starfleet Officer

Fully Immersive Star Trek RP 24/7 on a fully build and highly interactive SIM. We offer a completly build Starship, a friendly atmosphere, wonderfull adventure, a crew which feels alot like a family and much much more. Come and join us now. Any Questions, ask Tedra Llewellyn or Sarheni Kanto

We are currently looking to rent the ship build out for roleplay on other dates than our regular mission. If you would like ot see the ship and talk to us about it, let us know

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